The development of technology for everyday human life has many benefits because with the development of information technology, the most important benefits are for the world of education, industry, and various other businesses. Information technology has a very important role, especially for the world of education. Education without utilizing information technology will be weak, especially in the field of quality, especially in the midst of the Covid 19 pandemic.

So with the existence of government regulations with information technology in pursuit by using various sites such as google meet, zoom, learning houses and television even though they have been used for learning and other sites, all learning systems can be implemented, although there are still obstacles because there are still areas that have not untouchable by internet media. The benefits of information technology in building an individual, both adults and young people, prove that information technology can change an individual, even an organization and a country in advancing the development of information technology for them.

As we often see the role of the younger generation or students born in this digital era, it does not occur to him that it is difficult to use technology, even with technology making them more mature and independent in terms of utilizing this technology to help the learning process. Even students know how to educate themselves and seek information through information and communication technology. Based on this, the government’s decision to implement learning at home can occur in every education unit during the Covid 19 pandemic, as long as the confirmation technology (internet network) is affordable to each educational unit.

students today are very familiar with information technology, not only in interacting on social media but also for learning needs. Based on the results of this study, Indonesian students are ranked the highest globally as users of IT rooms or computers in schools, both learning with teachers and with others. So in this case the government is very appropriate to issue a regulation regarding the online learning system in every education unit starting from the elementary school level to tertiary institutions, so that the Indonesian nation is not tarnished with things that are not justified by religion or the state so that they can quickly avoid pandemics. the Covid 19 outbreak.

With the development of information and communication technology that is so fast, the enormous impact of a fact on the student environment such as teaching-learning interactions occurs between teachers and students in today’s education, because students are more equipped with technology, than a teacher. This is where it is necessary to involve professionals in each educational unit to increase the complexity of the learning process in educational units, especially involving the principal as the managerial leader in the school.

The teacher is only a class manager who has an important role in the successful implementation of this online learning. This concerns the tasks that must be done by the teacher such as planning, preparing, implementing and evaluating the learning process through online media, teaching, guidance, and supervision. Students must get learning facilities in order to increase their understanding of the materials provided by the teacher through the online system.

There are learning patterns that need to be changed. Among other things, one-way learning patterns (teacher-student interactions) need to be transformed into interactive learning, isolated learning patterns become networked learning using information and communication technology media, with this pattern passive learning becomes active-seeking learning. As an education observer, Fernando Uffie, to do that all the use of information and communication technology in the world of education has become an obligation of every education unit. A technology-based learning solution must be able to present and strengthen the interaction between teachers and students, with an online system so that the learning process keep on going as expected by the general public.

Therefore, technology-based learning solutions must be able to provide precise and fast solutions when students need direct learning, and can interact between teachers and students online. With the hope that information technology-based learning solutions can be online with what is taught in schools and in accordance with the applicable curriculum even in the conditions of the Covid 19 pandemic. the Covid 19 outbreak about the material. And this must be done with a full sense of responsibility, because it is related to the future generation of the nation’s children. Therefore the teacher must have the ability to master information and communication technology, such as designing learning content, managing learning resources, building student learning independence, and communicating in multi-directions.

A good pattern of active interaction must be developed, learning activities can be controlled, learning difficulties can be resolved, learning outcomes can be guaranteed and have quality, and can evaluate learning. By utilizing online technology media and other media that are in accordance with the internal connectivity that is in each education unit. Teacher and student learning activities continue without any effect that is being faced by the community now, namely the spread of the Covid 19 pandemic. in the period of preventing the Covid 19 pandemic.