5 Softaculous Ecommerce Scripts for Your Business

Whether you are managing the web host for your e-commerce store or offering hosting reseller plans to an e-commerce client, you remarkable applications like Softaculous that makes site management simple and efficient and does wonder for the modern-day e-commerce business. Softaculous gives you access to more than 350 applications that can boost your online business. Of all, these top five e-commerce scripts by Softaculous are most popular among webmasters and site owners.


This open-source CMS software is one of the most widely used web applications by online retailers. It is versatile and highly customizable, which is a big advantage for online retailers today since they have to manage a highly dynamic website. The software can be easily installed and used and is managed by a global community of thousands of developers, which helps in constant upgrade and innovation. Since its open-source, it dramatically reduces recurring costs.

Key features:

  • Integrated marketing and promotion tools.
  • Analytics and reporting formats.
  • SEO and website management tools.
  • Easy catalog browsing and inventory management.
  • Easy option for mobile commerce.

Abante Cart

This is also an open-source e-commerce platform and one of the most widely used Softaculous e-commerce scripts. The PHP-based application allows retailers to easily set up their online store and start selling without much ado. It is managed by a team of experts who are constantly trying to evolve the software with regular upgrades. You don’t even need any tech expertise to use this application.

Key features:

  • Quick and easy installation, migration, and upgrade.
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