It has often been said that the key to excelling in any job situation is by working smarter before working harder. Completing tasks in a manner that ends with less than great results when a huge effort is put forth is never how you want things to go. For this reason, utilizing fluid or hydraulic power systems became a legit option in work environments where power is needed to move things. Whether implemented in mobile equipment like forklifts or stationary equipment like hydraulic lifts, fluid power offers many benefits. Let’s take a look at a few.

Less Complicated Design

Unlike the more complicated mechanical parts and electrical mechanisms found in other manners of transmitting power, fluid power systems are far simpler in most cases. Parts such as pumps, valves, custom hydraulic seals, actuators and fluid reservoirs are preinstalled and easily accessible in comparison to other system types. The use of pipes and hoses instead of mechanical parts makes routine maintenance and any repairs a less difficult task.

Smooth Operation

Because the transmission of power is based on fluid rather than mechanical linkage, the operation of equipment and machinery is far smoother. Hydraulic systems produce far less noise during operation and vibrations are reduced to a degree that makes them hardly noticeable.


Another benefit that comes with fluid power systems is the amount of control that it affords. The range of forces and speed that are achievable with a hydraulic system is wide. They are also easily obtained which aids in the flexibility of where and how these systems can be instituted.

There is a number of other benefits that also highlight what makes utilizing fluid power systems over other options a wise choice. Flexibility, low cost, ease of use and maintenance are all factors that should be kept in mind when deciding what is best for any work environment. Fluid power systems check off each of these boxes. One thing is clear above all others, however, and that is fluid power is a proven commodity that has been shown to last.