Financial institutions are faster and more intense than the sector or other industries in applying computer technology in providing services to customers. These services include payments computerized suit (fund transfer via computer with the data communications network facilities); services of deposits and withdrawals of funds automatically via ATM or various types of plastic cards; home banking and internet banking and other service facilities. Some examples of the types of computer technology including machine Automated Teller Machine (ATM), various types of credit cards, point of sales (POS), and electronic fund transfer systems.

Computer application systems that are used in banking should be able to accommodate all the needs of banks and in accordance with the provisions of the monetary authority. This requires computer software selection considering the type of software that is offered in the market and relatively large. In general, this election is based on a match between its capacity of banks to the facility or the ability of the software to be selected so that the investments made truly effective and provide added value to the bank. Until now custom software development company provides various types of software that play an important role in the operations of banks and other financial institutes.

Asoftlab – Data processing facilities available to banks today is the result of technological advances and the need to run a good operation systematically and in accordance with the flow into and out of bank funds. AML Insighter belongs Asoftlab (Analytic SOFTLAB) can be an effective option to facilitate the monitoring of banking operations. The facility serves to handle, select, calculate, compile, report and transmit information. So that the use of information technology in the bank is to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of data management banking business so that it can provide accurate results, correct, timely, and can guarantee the confidentiality of information.